Conmed HelixAR Electrosurgical Unit

  • Conmed HelixAR Electrosurgical Unit Electrosurgical Units

The HelixARTM combines the advanced specialty modes of a premium ESU with the benefits of CONMED’s latest ABC® Technology.
The HelixAR is intended for both open and laparoscopic procedures.


Conmed HelixAR Electrosurgical Unit Features

The Conmed HelixAR Electrosurgical Unit combines the advanced specialty modes of a premium ESU with the benefits of CONMED’s latest ABC® Technology and is intended for both open and laparoscopic procedures.

ABC® Technology

When using the non-contact coagulation, the addition of argon gas enables more precise delivery of RF energy to tissue compared to the traditional spray coagulation. Argon gas helps clear pooled blood and can reduce surgeon effort. Also, it is inert and displaces oxygen from the immediate surgical field reducing the carbonization of tissue, blood loss and smoke plume thereby providing adequate visualization of the surgical site.



  • Argon Dissect: Works with the CONMED dissecting electrode to provide argon enhanced cutting with four varying levels of hemostasis
  • Pulse Argon: Provides controlled hemostasis for small surface bleeders with four pulse timings
  • Rapid, Superficial Hemostasis Reduces carbonization by allowing ABC® to coagulate directly on the stroma of target tissue Less blood loss, less OR time and improved eschar integrity can result from this rapid hemostasis
  • Less Tissue Damage Due to the cooling effects of argon flow during RF energy delivery, ABC® operates at lower temperatures than spray coagulation
  • Focused RF Energy Argon gas enables precise delivery of RF energy in a uniform stream, which is distributed evenly on tissue
  • Clear Visualization Improves visualization by helping carry surgical smoke away from the field of view, reduces unpleasant odors and clears the surgical site of blood and other fluids



  • Lap Mode: Limits output voltages below 2,700 volts in all of the HelixAR Monopolar modalities. Lap mode is designed to help reduce the risk of inadvertent burns from capacitive coupling from excess voltage. Specialty: Robotic Surgery, All Minimally Invasive Procedures.
  • Fluids Mode: Effectively “kick starts” the initiation of surgical energy providing an immediate clinical effect in high load/low impedance conditions – typically used in procedures where there is fluid in the surgical site. Specialty: Urology, Gynecology, Arthroscopy
  • Pulse Cut Mode: Provides controlled cutting for critical dissections necessary for endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP). Specialty: Gasteroenterology
  • Pulse Coag Mode: Provides pulsing bursts of coagulation energy for more control of hemostasis at the operative site, resulting in visibly less tissue carbonization than standard coagulation at equivalent power settings. Specialty: General Surgery, ENT


  • Program Mode: Use the on-screen keyboard to store up to 100 custom surgical settings.
  • Remote Power Control: When this feature is enabled, the surgeon can adjust the power up or down from the sterile field using an electrosurgical pencil.
  • Wireless Footswitch Capability: For additional convenience, a wireless footswitch kit is also available. Includes monopolar and ABC footswitches.