HP CodeMaster XL+ Defibrillator

The HP Codemaster XL+ high-performance, high-speed defibrillator charges from 0 to 360 joules in under 5 seconds, plus it offers a variety of advanced options easily customized to meet the needs of your unit. The CodeMaster XL+ Defibrillator by HP is a flexible choice for high-use areas of the hospital including operating rooms, intensive care units, cardiac care units, and emergency departments, as well as for clinics and ambulatory surgery centers.


HP CodeMaster XL+ Defibrillator Features

  • Battery strength indicator LED light
  • Back-up AC power
  • Documents and stores events
  • Shock advisory option
  • Adjustable heart rate alarms
  • ECG Monitor
  • External Paddles
  • Recorder
  • Alarms and Code Summary
  • Biomedically Inspected
  • Patient Ready

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