Carefusion Alaris MedSystem III Infusion Pump

The MedSystem III compact multi-channel infusion pump features parameters you can set to meet patient needs. The most lightweight of the multi-channel pump infusion systems on the market, it attaches virtually anywhere, making it an ideal ambulatory, emergency, and air transport IV pump. The MedSystem III is intended for facilities that utilize infusion pumps for the delivery of fluids, medications, blood and blood products using continuous or intermittent delivery through clinically acceptable routes of administration; such as, intravenous (IV), intra-arterial (IA), subcutaneous, epidural, enteral, or irrigation of fluid spaces.

The MedSystem III is a multi-channel infusion pump intended to deliver multiple infusions to a single patient.


Carefusion Alaris MedSystem III Infusion Pump Features

  • Multi-channel infusion pump
  • Six selectable device types: general purpose, neonatal, controller pressure, O.R., general purpose II, and O.R. II
  • Drug dose calculator
  • Three independent fluid delivery systems in the space of one
  • Compact size
  • Easy to Setup and use, yet provides advanced features
  • Accommodates assorted container types
  • Multiple delivery methods
  • Accurate delivery of a variety of fluids
  • Uses administration sets that provide free-flow protection
  • Six available Device Types with configurable parameters (maximum and minimum rates, maximum volumes, baseline, and maximum
    pressures, and air-in-line thresholds) to achieve specific clinical applications
  • Display infusion status for rate, volume remaining and volume infused.
  • Infusions can be programmed to deliver at a specified rate or over a specified period of time.
  • The secondary mode allows fluids and medications to be delivered at two different rates, sequentially.
  • Dose Rate Calculator (DRC) feature performs volumetric rate and/or dose rate calculations.
  • With DRC activated, the MedSystem III displays infusion status for rate, dosing regimen, and drug name.
  • Communications Protocol allows clinical monitoring, MedSystem III configuration and maintenance.
  • Field Maintenance Software (FMS) available for Biomed to configure, service and troubleshoot the MedSystem III.

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