Bear Cub 750 Ventilator

  • Bear-Cub-750-Ventilator

The BEAR CUBâ„¢ 750 PVS ventilator can be classified as a microprocessor controlled, time cycled, pressure limited, dual flow, neonatal/pediatric critical care ventilator. Breaths are initiated either by the ventilator (controlled), by patient activity (assisted), or by the operator (manual).


Bear Cub 750 Ventilator Features

  • Integrated Synchronized Ventilation
  • Tidal Volume Monitoring
  • Independent Base & Inspiratory Flows
  • Internal Battery Back-Up
  • Exclusive Volume Limit
  • Assist Control
  • Flow Cycled AC
  • Flow Cycled SIMV
  • CPAP
  • SIMV with Pressure Support

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