GE AMX IV Plus Portable X-Ray Machine

  • GE-AMX-IV-Plus-Portable-X-Ray-Machine

The GE AMX IV Plus Portable X-Ray Machine is an analog portable X-ray system that provides high-performance in a compact, easy-to-maneuver package.
The AMX-4 Plus X-Ray unit is a completely self-contained battery-driven mobile radiographic system that operates from a rechargeable battery pack. Mobility and ease of use make the AMX-4 Plus ideally suited for all routine radiographic procedures, within intensive care units, cardiac care units, emergency, and operating rooms, pediatrics, neonatal units, orthopedics, and clinics.

Product Overview


GE AMX IV Plus Portable X-Ray Machine Features

  • The rotating arm and tube simplify positioning and facilitate bedside studies, while the maintenance-free battery produces up to 50 high-quality exposures with a single charge.
  • Dual drive motors and oversize casters facilitate movement; even in taxing environments.
  • Forward and reverse variable speed
  • Complete mobility
  • Operates at full power without a power connection
  • Independent rear-wheel drive servo-controlled motors enable the system to turn within its own radius.
  • Single drive handle control (with “deadman” brake and drive lock) functions ergonomically with drive motors to permit superior maneuverability. Drives respond to force applied handle in both forward and reverse.
  • Top speed of 4.8 kph (3 mph) in forward and reverse.
  • Speed totally variable in both reverse and forward.
  • Top speed is limited to 2.4 kph (1 ½ mph) if the tube is not in the transport position.
  • Large front casters (20.3 cm/8 in) for easier crossing of thresholds (e.g. elevator) expansion joints.
  • Narrow base of unit measures 60.2 cm (23.7 in) wide at midpoint.
  • Capable of climbing an incline of 5°.
  • Unique column rotation in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction from the park position significantly increases setup speed by eliminating the need to reposition the patient or the system. The column may be rotated up to ± 270° from the park position to handle the most demanding imaging cases in tight spaces. A positive centering detent is also provided to further simplify the tube parking process.
  • Handle grips on both sides of the collimator for single-hand of positioning tube. Lock release buttons which activate all lock releases simultaneously at the back of the handles.
  • Fully counterbalanced collimator/tube assembly, with the center of gravity at points of rotation, so tube stays positioned through light friction locks without the need for adjustable locks. Detents at ± 90° for both axes.
  • Ergonomic hand switch control prep/expose and the collimator light. The hand switch is molded from a lightweight, impact-resistant plastic.
  • Compact manual collimator with built-in SID button-on collimator face. Skin spacer is provided to meet BRH requirements of 30 cm focal spot to skin minimum distance. Rotary knobs adjust field size with calibrations at 100 cm and 180 cm (40 in and 72 in).
  • Electromechanical friction locks for column rotation, arm elevation, and arm extension movements. Locks are released with a single switch on the collimator.
  • Integrated front bumper stops units and activates brakes when hit. Sides of bumper slide into the unit to prevent catching on objects such as cords, poles, etc.
  • Two positions ON/OFF key switch with removable key in the OFF position.
  • Touch panel or hand switch activated technique selection; two-point (kVp and mAs) control.
  • Digital readout of kVp and mAs in two locations: – Angle of top cover – 1.9 cm (3/4 inch), always on when ready for exposure. – Message display – 0.95 cm (3/8 in), when making a selection.
  • Forty-eight segment bar graph indicates battery charge status (i.e. power remaining). The message center displays “RECHARGE RECOMMENDED” at 10 % power remaining. At 0 % power remaining, exposure is inhibited, but the unit will drive before all power is cut off. The message display will read “RECHARGE IMMEDIATELY X-RAY INHIBITED”.

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