AMSCO Century V120 and V116 Small Sterilizers

The AMSCO V120 and V116 Sterilizers offer maximum reliability, performance, and value with an easy-to-use touchscreen-operated control system and continuous cycle monitoring and control, as well as service diagnostic assuring consistent cycle performance.



Processes at temperatures from 100° C to 141° C for efficient processing of porous heating and moisture-stable goods and for decontamination of supplies after laboratory procedures.

Operating Parameters

  • Nameable cycles
  • Security access codes for up to six operators
  • Selectable volume for audible alarms
  • Sterilizing time and temperature
  • Temperature units in °C or °F

Control System

  • Touch-sensitive screen with easy to read character display area.
  • Ink on paper impact printer.
  • Help screens for programming and troubleshooting alarm conditions.
  • Communication interface compatible with most PC peripheral devices.
  • Automatic check of control program and cycle data maintains process integrity.
  • Service reprogrammable flash ROM memory.

Vertical Sliding Door

  • Hands free loading and unloading.
  • Foot Pedal activated door opening and closing.
  • Non lubricated, steam-activated door seal

Modular Vessel and Piping

  • Increased dependability and reduced service times.
  • Reduced piping components for increased reliability.
  • Emergency manual exhaust valve.
  • Electronic water conservation valve.

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