AMSCO Quantum 3080 SP Surgical Table

The AMSCO 3080 SP Surgical Table is one of the most durable, flexible, and reliable surgical tables available. It features simple patient positioning with simple level commands to increase efficiency in the operating room. The 3080 SP also has good C-Arm access and convenience of use. Plus, the 3080 SP has a proven track record of reliability.


AMSCO Quantum 3080 SP Surgical Table Features

The AMSCO Quantum 3080 SP Surgical Table easy to use and highly efficient surgical table is a good all-round general surgery table that combines easy patient positioning, good C-arm access and convenience of use.

Key Features

  • All procedures are complemented by the radiolucent tabletop which affords great imaging capabilities during a procedure.
  • Removing the head section and relocating it to the foot end of the table further enhances the available imaging window.
  • Even in the event of a complete power failure, the user can still position the patient or return the table to the neutral position.

Simple Operation

Use of the hand control makes positioning the patient very intuitive. Using the Patient Orientation button makes positioning the table simple when reversing the patient on the table. When the procedure is completed a single depression of the Return to Level button brings the table back to the neutral (level) position.

  • Trendelenburg 25°
  • Reverse Trendelenburg 25°
  • Lateral Tilt 18°


Additional information




27” – 44”

Weight Capacity

400 lbs