AMSCO Orthographic 2 Vision Kit

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For years, the Orthographic 2 surgical table has been the standard for procedural flexibility, set-up ease, and superior construction. Take these exceptional qualities and blend them with VisionKits advancements in imaging capabilities, and your Orthographic 2 is transformed into a leading edge orthopedic table. Carbon fiber abductor bars, sacral rest and perineal post make up the VisionKit.


AMSCO Orthographic 2 Vision Kit Features

Complete Radiolucency

Carbon fiber material permits unobscured bone imaging through bars and sacral rest and perineal post. You can vary the abductor bar positioning based on patient’s size and condition without sacrificing image quality. And you get greater flexibility in C-arm positioning. In addition, all your Orthographic 2 accessories are interchangeable with the new kit

Lightweight Material

In addition to radiolucency, carbon fiber dramatically reduces the weight of the bars, sacral rest and post. Bars are easier to move for patient positioning and C-arm access, and sacral rest/perineal post is easier to handle and store. Carbon fibers low friction surface characteristic allows accessory clamps to slip up and down with less force and less wear on the bars.

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