AMSCO 5085 SRT Surgical Table

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The 5085 SRT is a crossover table that slides, rotates, and transports patients throughout the perioperative area and is the only surgical table cleared by the FDA for patient transport, according to the company. A drive wheel allows one caregiver to safely transport a patient from pre-op to OR to post-op without red zone gurneys or trolleys. In pivot mode, the drive wheel locks and rotates 360 degrees, without support posts or weight calculations. Intuitive hand control with an LCD window telegraphs table-positioning data and allows one-touch patient posturing. The four-section tabletop articulates to a variety of patient postures. The 5085 table can be upgraded to the SRT at any time by adding the drive wheel and head section.


AMSCO 5085 SRT Surgical Table Features

The AMSCO 5085 SRT Surgical Table is a crossover table that slides, rotates, and transports patients throughout the perioperative area and is the only surgical table cleared by the FDA for patient transport, according to the company.

The Motorized tabletop is constructed of four sections (not including the motorized fully radiolucent Kidney elevator mechanism) and is 83″ (2098 mm) long. Motorized Zip-Slide movable tabletop eliminates the need for patient reorientation and pre-configuration of the table. Unobstructed Imaging Length of 63-1/2″ (1613 mm) and 100% C-Arm access without table movement is available. For attaching accessories, the tabletop sections include a standard stainless-steel side rail on both sides – located where they will not obstruct the imaging area. Hook-and-loop fastener strips on the tabletop sections permit instant application and removal of the 2″ (51 mm) thick, latex-free TLT mattress pad. The radiolucent tabletop sections enable viewing of the entire anatomy (see illustration). The easily attached X-Ray top design allows you to load cassettes from the head, foot, or either side for a full range of exposure angles.

  • The intuitive hand control has pre-programmed positions for rotation and beach chair for easy set up
  • The hand control’s LCD window telegraphs table positioning data to caregivers, even in a darkened room.
  • Contours to virtually all patient postures with a four-section tabletop
  • Provides unrestricted perineal access with removable leg section
  • Enhances lateral procedures with a powered, radiolucent kidney elevator
  • Accommodates virtually all patients with generous height and weight ranges
  • Provides outstanding access for C-arm, permitting clear high-quality images crucial to MIS, cardiothoracic, orthopedic and neurosurgical procedures
  • Compensates for uneven OR floors with unique self-leveling floor locks
  • Prevents sectional and table base collisions with the Auto Limit Sensor™
  • Compatible with a wide array of previously purchased accessories

The AMSCO 5085 SRT Surgical Table Column supports the tabletop and includes lift cylinders, bearings, hydraulic piping, hydraulic actuators for Trendelenburg, tilt, and electrical wiring. All the components are inside six telescoping stainless-steel column shrouds. The stainless-steel shrouds are of two-piece construction for service accessibility. The Hand Control and optional Foot Control connect at the top of the column.

The table base is welded stainless steel. The base cover is a two-section, stainless-steel enclosure with a brushed finish. Four large-diameter swivel casters and a drive wheel inside the base cover facilitate table relocation and movement. There are four mechanical, hydraulically operated floor-locks. The power supply assembly and floor lock actuators are also within the base. The table power cord is in a receptacle centered on the base head-end cover. The master computer and Backup Hand Control are behind the base cover plate. Included are SLIDE HEAD/FOOT, HEIGHT UP/DOWN, TREND. /REV. TREND, TILT RIGHT/LEFT, BACK UP/DOWN, LEG UP/DOWN, KIDNEY UP/DOWN, and LOCK/UNLOCK switch.

The AMSCO 5085 SRT Surgical Table Electric controlled system provides powered tabletop positioning. Hydraulic actuators perform all powered table motions (except the Zip-Slide movable tabletop powered by an electric motor). The primary control system is a master computer located in the table base. This computer selects which outputs are actuated based on inputs from an auxiliary CPU in the pendant Hand Control or the optional foot control. The Hand Control is a tethered pendant that hangs from standard side rails. Hand control provides user inputs (from touchpad switches via an auxiliary CPU) to the master computer. It also includes status LEDs and tabletop position indicators. A Backup Hand Control, located in the table base, and an optional ACT-enabled interface to Operating Room Control Systems (ORCS) enable all table functions.

The electrical system (the input AC electrical power) has a detachable three-wire grounded power cord. An isolating transformer and a rectifier circuit convert the power to 24 Vdc for the operating and control systems. Fuses protect the circuits from overloads. The Hand Control (an auxiliary CPU) and optional foot control consist of switches that open or close to signal the computer in the table column. The Hand Control includes feedback LEDs. The battery system can power the table. The battery system activates when the Main Power Switch on the front of the table base is ON and depressing any button on the Hand Control. The batteries continuously charge if the table has the appropriate AC voltage, and the Main Power Switch is in the ON position.

The AMSCO 5085 SRT Surgical Table Pendant Primary Hand Control has a user interface design. It has two-piece injection molded thermoplastic materials holding and sealing the auxiliary CPU and keypad. The Hand Control is the primary interface for table operation, and the keypad is illuminated for easy table articulation identification when the room is dark. The Hand Control has a 7-1/2′ (2.3 m) extended detachable long cord. The Hand Control plugs into a receptacle at the top of the column.

Increase your OR performance with the flexibility of the 5085 SRT.

  • The STERIS 5085 SRT Surgical Table is cleared by the FDA for patient transport.

The 5085 SRT’s innovative 5th wheel design allows one caregiver to safely and easily move patients from pre-op to OR to post-op.

  • With the 5085 SRT, you can transfer patients to the surgical table in the holding area and prep them for surgery, reducing unwieldy and potentially unsafe transfers of sedated patients.
  • This unique technology also allows the surgical team to rotate the table 360° during surgery without support posts or weight calculations.

Reduce non-operative time and increase productivity

  • Take advantage of innovative ideas such as parallel processing
  • Decrease time spent cleaning the OR
  • You may save enough time to add another case!

Rotate the patient on the 5085 SRT 360° During Surgery

  • Safe, controlled rotation as weight-bearing 5th wheel locks and rotates 360°
  • Unrestricted patient access for optimal procedural flexibility
  • No need for weight calculations or support posts
  • Reduce expenses by eliminating inflexible, fixed-base tables

AMSCO 5085 SRT Surgical Table Specifications

Dimensions and Weight

  • Height: 22.8″ to 42.5″ (58.1cm to 108 cm)
  • Width: 20″ (50.8 cm)
  • Length: 83″ (209.8 cm)
  • Weight: 850 lbs (386 kg)

Weight Capacity

  • 1200 lb (544 kg) load; with the ability to rotate and raise/ lower table but no tabletop articulation or slide.
  • 1000 lb (454 kg) load; with the ability to rotate and all patient posturing but without the tabletop slide.
  • 600 lb (272 kg) load; with the ability to rotate, all posturing, transport feature and tabletop slide.

Table Motions

  • Flex/Reflex: 140°/100°±1°
  • Slide Motion:
    • HEAD: 9″ (227 mm)
    • FOOT: 9″ (227 mm) from center
  • Height Range: 22.8 to 42.5″ (581 to 1080 mm)
  • Trendelenburg Range: 30°±1°
  • Reverse Trendelenburg Range: 30°±1°
  • Tilt Range: 20°±1°
  • Back Section Motion:
    • UP: 80°±1°
    • DOWN: 40°±1°
  • Leg Section Motion:
    • UP:
    • DOWN: 105°±1°
  • Kidney Elevator Mechanism: 4″ (110 mm)
  • Head Section (Manual):
    • UP: 60°±1°
    • DOWN: 90°±1°, 10° increments


  • Type: Battery / Electric-Power
  • Volts: 100/120/220/230-240 V ac
  • Hz: 50/60 Hz
  • Amps: 4 Amps

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