AMSCO 400 Small Sterilizer

AMSCO® 400 Series Small Steam Sterilizers are engineered to be fully compliant with current steam sterilization standards. The 20 x 20 sterilizer is validated to accommodate a maximum of three 25-lb sets (up to 75 lbs) per load, and the 16-inch models can sterilize two 25-lb sets (up to 50 lbs per cycle), per AAMI guidance for processing weights. They also accommodate loaner sets and larger bariatric and orthopedic devices. Also, the AMSCO 400 Series Small Steam Sterilizers pre-vacuum and steam-flush-pressure-pulse (SFPP) cycles have been validated, per AAMI recommendation, for porous items. Validated “immediate-use” pre-vacuum and gravity cycles are available, replacing “flash” terminology, and cycles can be customized and named by the user. AMSCO 400 Series software reduces steam and water usage per pound of instruments processed.


AMSCO 400 Small Sterilizer Features

The AMSCO 400 Small Sterilizer is engineered to be fully compliant with current steam sterilization standards.

  • Meets current AAMI/AORN guidelines
  • Process up to 3 – 25lb trays
  • Validated 4 + 1 pre-vacuum immediate use cycle
  • Customizable cycle names
  • Fully programmable cycles to help meet instrument manufacturer processing recommendations
  • Use 60% less water by choosing the available electric vacuum pump
  • Helps achieve your LEED certification goals
  • Sensors that minimize cooling water needs
  • Programmable auto-utilities shutdown
  • Fully insulated to minimize heat loss to the surrounding environment
  • Minimize excess condensation with fully jacketed construction that envelopes the entire chamber in the steam
  • Steam activated gasket helps prevent air from entering the chamber and never requires lubrication
  • Steam flush pressure pulse (SFPP) cycle can eliminate the need to perform daily air removal testing
  • Hands-free foot pedal aids in the efficient handling of sets
  • Improves staff productivity with the highly visible cycle phase and time remaining display