AMSCO 400 Medium Sterilizer

The AMSCO 400 Medium Steam Sterilizer offers proven performance and technological advancements to provide the CSSD the capacity to serve today’s
busiest ORs.
The AMSCO 400 Series® Medium Steam Sterilizer is designed for performance in today's sterile processing environment and is AAMI ST-8:2008 compliant. It's built to process 47% more instruments by weight. The AMSCO 400 Series Medium Sterilizer is validated to safely sterilize heat and moisture stable materials in packs up to 25 lb. This allows you to efficiently handle high-volume sterilization and heavier trays while meeting today's stricter compliance guidelines.

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AMSCO 400 Medium Sterilizer Features

The AMSCO 400 Medium Sterilizer the name that signifies quality and reliability in steam sterilization

  • Processes up to 15 trays and 375 lbs per cycle
    Maximum load is based on 25 lb. trays in 60″ chambers.
  • Meets AAMI guidelines for 25lb trays
  • Customizable cycle names
  • Fully programmable cycles to satisfy instrument manufacturer processing recommendations
  • Electric vacuum pump standard with every unit
  • Helps achieve your LEED certification goals
  • Sensors that minimize cooling water needs
  • Programmable auto-utilities shutdown
  • Fully insulated to minimize heat loss to the surrounding environment
  • Operate the hinged door with a single hand
  • Easy loading every time with the docking station
  • Improve staff productivity with the highly visible cycle phase and time remaining display
  • Minimize excess condensation with fully jacketed construction that envelopes the entire chamber in the steam
  • Prevent air from entering the chamber and never require lubrication with the steam activated gasket