AMSCO 400 Medium Sterilizer

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The AMSCO 400 Medium Steam Sterilizer offers proven performance and technological advancements to provide the CSSD the capacity to serve today’s
busiest ORs.
The AMSCO 400 Series® Medium Steam Sterilizer is designed for performance in today's sterile processing environment and is AAMI ST-8:2008 compliant. It's built to process 47% more instruments by weight. The AMSCO 400 Series Medium Sterilizer is validated to safely sterilize heat and moisture stable materials in packs up to 25 lb. This allows you to efficiently handle high-volume sterilization and heavier trays while meeting today's stricter compliance guidelines.

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AMSCO 400 Medium Sterilizer Features

The AMSCO 400 Medium Sterilizer the name that signifies quality and reliability in steam sterilization.

The AMSCO 400 Medium Steam Sterilizer offers proven performance and technological advancements to provide the CSSD the capacity to serve today’s
busiest ORs. The AMSCO 400 Series® Medium Steam Sterilizer is designed for performance in today's sterile processing environment and is AAMI ST-8:2008 compliant. It's built to process 47% more instruments by weight. The AMSCO 400 Series Medium Sterilizer is validated to safely sterilize heat and moisture stable materials in packs up to 25 lb. This allows you to efficiently handle high-volume sterilization and heavier trays while meeting today's stricter compliance guidelines.

  • Processes up to 15 trays and 375 lbs per cycle
    Maximum load is based on 25 lb. trays in 60″ chambers.
  • Meets AAMI guidelines for 25lb trays
  • Customizable cycle names
  • Fully programmable cycles to satisfy instrument manufacturer processing recommendations
  • Electric vacuum pump standard with every unit
  • Helps achieve your LEED certification goals
  • Sensors that minimize cooling water needs
  • Programmable auto-utilities shutdown
  • Fully insulated to minimize heat loss to the surrounding environment
  • Operate the hinged door with a single hand
  • Easy loading every time with the docking station
  • Improve staff productivity with the highly visible cycle phase and time remaining display
  • Minimize excess condensation with fully jacketed construction that envelopes the entire chamber in the steam
  • Prevent air from entering the chamber and never require lubrication with the steam activated gasket
  • Hinged door with fast operating, low-effort door lock mechanism. Door handle lock lever requires a single 30° handle movement to lock or unlock.
  • 26 x 37.5″ chamber cross-sections are sized for efficient, high-volume sterilization processing.

AMSCO 400 Medium Sterilizer Trays

AMSCO 400 Medium Sterilizer Specifications

Available Interior Chamber Dimensions

  • 26 x 37.5 x 36″ (660 x 950 x 910 mm)
  • 26 x 37.5 x 48″ (660 x 950 x 1220 mm)
  • 26 x 37.5 x 60″ (660 x 950 x 1520 mm)
  • 36″, 48″ and 60″ configurations include the choice of a single or double door.

The control system for the AMSCO 400 Series Medium Steam Sterilizer
features enhanced functionality and a user-friendly interface screen.

  • Touch-sensitive screen with 30-line x 40-character display area.
  • Ink-on-paper impact printer.
  • Help screens for programming and troubleshooting alarm conditions.
  • Automatic check of control program and cycle data maintains process integrity.

Software Calibration

  • Performed in service mode using external or internal temperature and pressure sources.
  • Control system provides a printed record of all calibration data for verification.

Steam Purge

  • The feature is provided to assist in air removal and to preheat the load.

Lighted DIN Connectors

  • Installed on all steam, water, and exhaust valves, for reliability and ease of maintenance.


Vacuum Pump

  • Effectively pulls chamber to specified vacuum levels and reduces water consumption.

Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTD)

  • Installed for sterilizer temperature control.
  • Dual element chamber drain line RTD senses and controls temperature variations within the sterilizer chamber.
  • Dedicated RTD provides jacket-space temperature control.

Electronic Water-saving Control

  • Includes an RTD to control water quantity used in condensing chamber steam exhaust.

Automatic Utilities Start-up/Shutdown

  • This permits utility conservation.
  • Shutdown may be programmed to activate at end of designated cycle or time of day.
  • When used, utilities control automatically shuts off utility valves, conserving steam and water.
  • Sterilizer utilities can be restarted automatically or manually.
  • Different daily shutdown and restart times can be programmed.


  • One-inch thick, asbestos-free spin-glass (rated at 500°F [260°C] continuous)
  • Encompasses the exterior of the sterilizer vessel and is sealed in an oil and water-resistant outer jacket.


All processing cycles factory programmed into the sterilizer control have been validated to AAMI ST8.

AMSCO 400 Series Medium Steam Sterilizers, models 36 H, 48 H, 60 H, 36 SL, 48 SL, and 60 SL are provided with the
following default cycles:

Prevac Cycles (4-minute exposure):

  • Cycle type is for sterilizing porous and non-porous loads.
  • Wrapped 25 lb (11 kg) instrument tray(s) or fabric packs.
  • Sterilize exposure temperature:
    • 270°F (132°C)
  • Sterilize exposure time:
    • 4 minutes
  • Dry time:
    • 30 minutes (a full load of instruments trays)
    • 20 minutes (a full load of fabric packs)
    • 5 minutes (Customer option, for a single fabric pack)

Prevac Cycle (3-minute exposure):

  • This cycle is for sterilizing porous and non-porous loads.
  • Wrapped 25 lb (11 kg) instrument trays.
  • Sterilize exposure temperature:
    • 275°F (135°C)
  • Sterilize exposure time:
    • 3 minutes
  • Dry time:
    • 30 minutes

Gravity Cycle (30-minute exposure):

  • This cycle is for sterilizing items such as a single fabric pack.
  • Sterilize exposure temperature:
    • 250°F (121°C)
  • Sterilize exposure time:
    • 30 minutes
  • Dry time:
    • 15 minutes

Liquid Cycle (45-minute exposure):

  • This cycle is used for sterilizing liquids in borosilicate containers with vented closures.
  • Sterilize Temperature:
    • 250°F (121°C)
  • Factory Programmed Sterilize Time:
    • 45 minutes
  • Dry Time:
    • Not applicable


Vacuum Leak Test

  • Used for testing vacuum integrity of sterilizer piping.
  • Sterilizer chamber must be empty while running this test.
  • Preprogrammed cycle parameters cannot be adjusted by the user.

A preprogrammed Bowie-Dick Test Cycle

  • Used to test for adequate air removal from the sterilizer chamber.
  • The recommended load is a Dart® testing apparatus from STERIS or a properly prepared Bowie-Dick test pack.
  • Preprogrammed cycle parameters cannot be adjusted by the user.
  • Sterilize temperature:
    • 270°F (132°C)
  • Sterilize time:
    • 3.5 minutes
  • Dry time:
    • 1 minute

AMSCO 400 Medium Sterilizer CONTROL SYSTEM

Design Features

  • The Control System
    • Monitors and controls all sterilizer operations and functions.
    • The control system is factory-programmed with standard sterilizing cycles.
    • Cycle values and operating features may be adjusted and verified prior to cycle operation.
  • Important:
    • If cycle parameters (sterilize time, dry time, temperature) other than those listed are required, it is the responsibility of the healthcare facility to consult and follow the device manufacturer’s written instructions.
    • Once the cycle is started, cycle values cannot be changed until the cycle completes.
    • Critical control system components are housed within a sealed compartment for protection from moisture and heat.
    • A compartment cooling fan with filter is provided.
  • Operator Interface Control Panel
    • Consists of a touch screen and impact printer located at sterilizer’s operating end (OE – loading or non-sterile side).
    • If sterilizer is equipped with double doors, an additional touch screen is provided at sterilizer’s nonoperating (i.e., unload or sterile) end.
    • Touch-Sensitive Screen Features
      Multi-color, touchscreen graphics display. The sterilizer is operated by pressing touch-sensitive areas on display (touchpads). Appropriate touchpads, operator prompts and status messages necessary for sterilizer operation appear on the display as needed. The display also indicates any alarm conditions either in or out of the cycle.
    • Ink-On-Paper Impact Printer
      Located near touch screen, provides an easy-to-read printed record of all pertinent cycle data on 2-1/4″ wide paper. Printer take-up spool stores an entire roll of paper. Three paper tape rolls and two printer ribbons are furnished with each unit.
  • Non-Operating End (NOE) Control Panel
    • Double-door Sterilizers Only
    • Includes a touch screen similar to operating end, but without printer.
    • Preprogrammed cycles can be started from the NOE control panel.
    • OE and NOE display concurrently show identical information.

Cycle Configuration is accomplished at the OE control Change Values menu.

Cycle values and following operating parameters can be changed using Change Values:

  • Time Display and Printout Units AM/PM or 24-hour notation.
  • Access Code requires entry of a four-digit access code to change cycle values or change operating parameters.
  • Audible Signals
    • Adjustable.
    • Touchpad and end-of-cycle signals can be adjusted to low, medium, high or off.
    • The alarm signal can be adjusted to low, medium or high; but cannot be turned off.
  • Print Format allows selection of full or condensed cycle printout.
  • Temperature Display and Printout Units
    • Displayed as Fahrenheit (°F) or Celsius (°C).
    • Temperature is set, displayed, controlled and printed to nearest 1°.
    • Recalibration is not required when changing temperature units.
  • Pressure/Vacuum Display and Printout Units
    • Displayed in psig/InHg or bar.
    • Recalibration is not required when changing pressure units.

AMSCO 400 Medium Sterilizer SAFETY FEATURES

  • Control Lockout Switch
    • Prevents the cycle from starting until the limit switch signal is received.
    • If the signal is lost during the cycle, the alarm activates, cycle aborts and chamber safely vents controlled exhaust.
  • Chamber Float Switch
    • Activates the alarm, aborts cycle and safely vents chamber if detecting excessive condensate.
  • Pressure Relief Valve
    • releases pressure buildup in the chamber if approaching or reaching rated pressure.
  • Power Door Safety Feature
    • This feature causes door movement to stop if the sliding door encounters an obstruction.


Shell Assembly

  • Sterilizer vessel is formed from two fabricated Type 316L stainless-steel shells, welded one within the other.
  • Type 316L stainless-steel end frame(s) is welded to the door end.
  • On single door units, the back of the chamber is fitted with a welded 316L stainless-steel dished head.
  • Sterilizer vessel is ASME rated at 45 psig and insulated.
  • Vessel includes one 1″-NPT chamber port for Customer use.
  • Steam-supply opening inside the chamber is shielded by a stainless-steel baffle.

Chamber Door(s)

  • The door is constructed of Type 316L stainless steel.
  • During operation, the door is sealed by steam-activated door seal.
  • The door seal is constructed of long-life rubber compound.
  • When the cycle is complete, seal retracts (under vacuum) into a machined groove in the end frame.
  • Long-life proximity switch detects if the door is closed, or locking plates are engaged.
  • An additional seal pressure switch prevents starting a cycle if the door is not sealed.
  • The hinged-door sterilizer is equipped with a solenoid door lock.
  • Horizontal sliding-door units are provided with a mechanically locking door assembly.
  • Locking assemblies prevent the door from opening as long as the seal is intact, energized and the chamber is pressurized at 2 psi or more.
  • The sterilizer door is fitted with a stainless-steel panel that insulates operator from chamber end frame, reducing chances of accidental contact with hot metal surfaces.

Chamber Drain System

  • The drain system is designed to prevent sterilizer effluent from entering the water-supply system and chamber.
  • An automatic system of a stainless-steel plate-type condenser converts chamber steam to condensate, disposing of condensate to waste.
  • Cooling water flow is regulated by waste line RTD, minimizing water usage.
  • Water supply shut off valve is located in the unit’s recessed area.

Vacuum System

  • Vacuum pump reduces chamber pressure during the pre-vacuum and post-drying phases.
  • Following the dry phase, the chamber vacuum is relieved to atmospheric pressure by admitting air through a bacteria-retentive filter.

Steam Source

  • Sterilizers are piped, valved and trapped to receive building supplied steam at 50 to 80 psig, dynamic.
  • The steam piping is brass and includes a shut-off valve, steam strainer and pressure regulator.


All piping connections terminate within confines of sterilizer frame and are accessible from the front, left side.

  • Solenoid Valves with DIN connectors simplify sterilizer piping and can be serviced individually.
  • Manual Shut-off Valves are pressure rated at 125 psig (8.62 bar) for saturated steam. Valve handles are heat insulated.


  • Sterilizers are arranged for either freestanding or recessed installation, as specified.
  • Each sterilizer is height-adjustable.
  • Sterilizer subframe is equipped with a synthetic rubber gasket to provide a tight fit between cabinet panels on freestanding units, or between front cabinet panel and wall partition on recessed units.
  • On freestanding units, stainless-steel side panels and a louvered top panel enclose sterilizer body and piping.


  • Seismic Tie-Down Kit conforms to the California Code of Regulations.
  • Material Handling Accessories include stainless-steel chamber tracks and stainless-steel loading cars with painted steel carriages.
  • Stainless-steel chamber rack and shelf are available for 36″ sterilizers. See TECH DATA SD978 for details.

AMSCO 400 Medium Sterilizer NOTES

  1. The sterilizer is not supplied with a backflow preventer and, where required by local codes, installation of a backflow preventer in the water line is not provided.
  2. Building service lines, provided by third parties, must supply the specified pressures and flow rates.
  3. Disconnect switches (with OFF position lockout only; by third parties) should be installed in electric supply lines near the equipment.
  4. Access to the recessing area from the control end of the sterilizer is recommended.
  5. Clearances shown are minimal for installing and servicing the equipment.
  6. Depending on the loading equipment used, additional clearance is required:
    • If shelves are used, clearance should be the length of the sterilizer plus 24″ (610 mm) at each door.
    • If loading car and carriage are used, clearance should be twice the length of the sterilizer at each door.
  7. Floor drain should be provided within confines of the sterilizer framework.
  8. Units require a minimum 38″ door opening for transport within the facility prior to installation.



  • 1″ NPT, 50 to 80 psig (3.5 to 5.6 bar) dynamic, 97% to 100% vapor quality.


  • 2″ ODT drain terminal. (Floor drain capacity must handle peak water consumption)

Electrical – Controls

  • 120 Volt, 50/60 Hz, 1-phase, 2.0 Amp

Electrical – Vacuum Pump

  • 208/240 Vac, 50/60 Hz, 3-phase, 6 Amp per phase
  • 380/415 Vac, 50/60 Hz, 3-phase, 3 A per phase
  • 480 Vac, 50/60 Hz, 3-phase, 3 Amp per phase

Sterilizer Feed Water

  • 1″ NPT, 20 to 50 psig (1.4 to 3.5 bar) dynamic.
  • Water is used for vacuum pump, heat exchanger and trap cooling.
  • NOTE: Backflow prevention is by third parties; not supplied on the unit.


AMSCO 400 Medium Sterilizer STANDARDS

Each sterilizer meets the applicable requirements of the following listings and standards, and carries the appropriate symbols:

  • Underwriters Laboratory (UL) Standard 61010-1
    • As certified by ETL Testing Laboratories, Inc.
  • CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 61010-1.
  • ASME Code, Section VIII, Division 1
    • For unfired pressure vessels.
  • The pressure vessel is so stamped;
    • ASME Form U-1 is provided with the shipment.
    • Shell and door are constructed to withstand a working pressure of 45 psig.