AMSCO 3085 SP Surgical Table

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The AMSCO 3085 SP surgical table is one of the most durable, flexible, and reliable surgical tables on the market with an increased 1000 lb weight capacity to facilitate the most routine procedure to the most intensive surgeries. It features easy-to-use patient positioning with simple level commands to increase efficiency in the operating room.


AMSCO 3085 SP Surgical Table Features

The AMSCO 3085 SP Surgical Table is one of the most durable, flexible, and reliable surgical tables on the market.

With an increased 1000 lb weight capacity to facilitate the most routine procedure to the most intensive surgeries. The AMSCO 3085 SP features easy-to-use patient positioning with simple level commands to increase efficiency in the operating room.

  • Automatic conversion functions for reverse patient positioning, regardless of headrest location means commands are automatically interpreted according to the
    selected orientation.
  • Bieri hydraulics provide ultra-precise tabletop articulation for specialties such as urology and neurology. Tabletop movement is smooth and accurate through the full range
    of positions.
  • With the addition of the orthopedic extension, the AMSCO 3085 SP surgical table pulls traction and provides positioning flexibility for hip and lower extremity
    orthopedic procedures.
  • T-shaped pedestal design and reverse orientation provide optimal access to the patient by the entire surgical team, regardless of the procedure.
  • Self-leveling brakes
  • One-press Return to Level
  • X-ray cassette deck
  • Pressure reduction mattress
  • Manual override foot pump
  • Optional foot control
  • Optional battery back up
  • Will accommodate the most routine laparoscopic procedure to the most demanding orthopedic case to neurosurgery
  • Complimented by a radiolucent tabletop
  • Removable head section to enhance available imaging window
  • Absolute Override Protection
    • Even in the event of a complete power failure and electrical system malfunction on the table, the user can still position the patient or return the table to the
      neutral position.
    • Every table is equipped with a manual foot pump and auxiliary switches that provide override control of all critical patient positions.

The AMSCO 3085 SP Surgical Table Specifications

Designed for Flexibility in Patient Positioning

  • Raised Height:
    • 44 inches
  • Lowered Height:
    • 27 inches
  • Length:
    • 75 15/16 inches
  • Width:
    • 20 inches
  • Width with Rail:
    • 21 5/8 inches
  • Weight Limit:
    • 1,000 lbs – normal orientation.
    • 500lbs – side tilt & reverse orientation.
  • Trendelenberg:
    • 25˚
  • Reverse:
    • 25˚
  • Trendelenberg Reflex:
    • 20˚
  • Flex:
    • 30˚
  • Lateral Tilt:
    • ±18˚
  • Back:
    • Down 25˚
    • Up 55˚
  • Leg:
    • Down 105˚
    • Up 80˚

Microprocessor Controlled Hydraulic System

  • Provides tabletop articulation.
  • Tables feature auxiliary override (backup) systems for the control and hydraulic systems.

Control System

  • Uses microprocessor technology to control the hydraulic pump motor and solenoid valves.
  • The primary control system consists of a master and a slave computer.
  • The master computer is located on the column and selects which outputs are to be actuated based on inputs from the hand control, Optional fool control, Optional HERMES™-Ready Voice Activation System, and table sensors.
  • The slave computer is located in the hand control and provides user inputs (from touchpad switches} to the master computer.
  • It also receives feedback signals and turns on the proper status LEDs.
  • A sealed 24 voe battery is used for power backup.
  • A secondary and separate override control system allows operation of basic table functions should the primary microprocessor system become inoperative.
  • Battery-powered auxiliary control switches provide complete override capability during an emergency situation.

Hydraulic System

  • Provides the motive force for all powered articulations of the table.
  • A 24-VDC electric motor drives a 0.25 gpm (0.946 1pm) nominal, 1740 psi (120 bar) nominal capacity pump.
  • Solenoid valves direct fluid to steel hydraulic cylinders.
  • Hydraulic oil pressure is limited by a relief valve.
  • All hoses are constructed of flexible thermoplastic, and all hose and port connections are sealed with O-rings.
  • Load holding valves are built into all manifold ports feeding each cylinder, except for the side tilt cylinder which has internal load holding valves.
  • A filter is provided to maintain oil cleanliness.
  • A manual foot-operated pump is provided tor table operation in case of power failure (solenoid valves would be operated from 24-VDC battery).
  • For added patient safety, the 3085 SP Table features a locking side-tilt cylinder design to prevent unanticipated lateral movement.
  • The side-tilt cylinder incorporates a mechanical lock to back up its hydraulic system, eliminating lateral movement until hydraulic pressure is at the desired level.

Hand Control

  • Constructed of injection-molded black plastic (2 pieces, sealed) and is the primary control for table operation.
  • It has a 2′ (610 mm} long coiled cord (10′ [3 m) long when extended} with molded strain reliefs on each end.
  • The hand control plugs into a color-coded receptacle located on the side of the control column cap.
  • Membrane touch switches provide input signals to a self-contained PC board to activate all table functions and articulations.
  • LED indicators provide table operation information and control diagnostic signals.


  • Cast iron with textured enamel finish.
  • The top is enclosed by a two-section, welded, stainless-steel cover that also forms a shroud for the lower portion of the column.
  • Four swivel casters facilitate easy table relocation and movement.
  • The three-floor locks (tripod principle} are self-compensating up to 1/4″ (6 mm).
  • Patient grounding/potential equalization post and line power input plug with protective fuses are located at the head end of the base.
  • Manual foot pedal (hydraulic backup), floor lock override rocker switch and four protective circuit breakers are located on the side of the base.
  • Hydraulic pump/motor assembly, power control assembly and control batteries are located within the base.
  • Motor batteries and motor battery charger are also located within the base on battery-powered 3085 SP Tables.


  • Offset from the center of the base and includes tabletop lift cylinder, support column with bearing mounted saddle frame, hydraulic plumbing, electrical wiring, and table control microprocessor assembly.
  • These components are fully enclosed by four telescoping stainless-steel shrouds.
  • Each shroud section is of two-piece construction for service accessibility.
  • Column cap provides receptacles for the hand control and optional fool control on one side, and emergency overrides control switches on the opposite side.
  • Column skirt shields the user from mechanical interfaces at the top of the column.
  • Column cap and skirt are constructed of black thermoplastic.


  • Includes a manual gear drive for kidney elevator, and hydraulic lines and cylinders required to articulate the tabletop.
  • The superstructure is bearing-mounted to the column.
  • Tabletop section frames are constructed of cast aluminum and finished with textured paint.
  • Hydraulic positioning mechanisms are located inboard from frame sides to help prevent enmeshment of drapes.
  • There are three built-in limit switches to limit excessive movement.


  • 20″ (508 mm} wide and divided into four hinged sections: headrest, back, seat, and leg.
  • All sections are constructed of a radiolu­cent material, and drilled holes are provided for attachment of optional radiographic top sections.
  • The seat section includes a perineal cutout.
  • All tabletop sections (except the head­ rest) are electrohydraulically posi­tioned by solenoid-valve-actuated hydraulic cylinders.
  • The headrest section is positioned by a manual, spring-loaded ratchet mechanism.
  • A hook fastener tape strip on the longitudinal centerline of the tabletop sections permits instant application and removal of 2″ (50 mm) thick mattress pads.
  • Stainless steel side rails extend the full length of the table (including the superior edge of headrest) and are notched to receive optional accessories.
  • Side rails will accommo­date certain previous-design STERIS table accessories, plus exclusive 3085 table accessories (see separate product literature).

Headrest Section

  • Attached to the back section for NORMAL patient orientation, or can be attached to the leg section for REVERSE patient orienta­tion.
  • Headrest section can be raised or lowered 0-90° from horizontal and locked in 15° increments.
  • The spring­loaded handle is located under the outer end of section for easy access.

Kidney Elevator

  • Centrally located between the back and seat sections, and is manually raised and lowered with a ratchet that flips up into stored position when not in use.
  • The ratchet operates a dual rack-and-pinion mechanism through a jointed drive shaft.
  • The kidney elevator is con­structed of stainless steel.
  • Maximum height of elevator is 4″ (102 mm) above the tabletop.


  • Foot Control
    • Available for any 3085 SP Surgical Table.
    • Unit is used in conjunction with the hand control to provide the surgeon with Trendelen­burg/ Reverse Trendelenburg, Raise/ Lower, and Side Tilt control during surgical procedures.
    • The unit includes three foot-actuated rocker switches. a stainless steel protective guard, and a coiled cord extending to 10′ (305 cm) length.
  • HERMES-Ready Voice Activated Control
    • Available on Amsco 3085 SP HERMES-Ready Major Surgical Tables.
    • Used in conjunction with the HERMES hand control, and HERMES control center (sold separately by Computer Motion, Inc.), this option provides the surgeon with voice-­activated control of control functions performed by the hand control.
    • The unit includes HERMES hand control and HERMES interface kit with 20′ (610 cm) cable.


The 3085 SP Table is primarily operated by the hand control.

The hand control provides the following:

  • Power ON/OFF touch pads with ON indicator LED
  • Power mode/condition indicator LEDs (AC line, battery and low battery)
  • Floor lock function and actuate touch pads
  • Patient orientation function and actuate touch pads
  • Position actuate touch pads

The tabletop is articulated by pressing the desired posiiion actuate touch pad on the hand control (or optional foot control pedals).

The following pre-operative actions must be completed before positioning touchpads will function:

  • Electric-powered tables – table plugged into an appropriate voltage AC receptacle.
  • Battery-powered tables – balieries properly charged.
  • Power turned ON.
  • Floor Locks LOCKED.

Adjust tabletop position as follows:

  • Confirm patient orientation.
  • Press the desired position actuate touch pad on the hand control.
  • Release the actuate touch pad when desired position has been reached to automatically stop tabletop and lock it in position.

The range of tabletop nominal movements are as follows:

  • Trendelenburg – 25° maximum from horizontal.
  • Reverse Trendelenburg – 25° maximum from horizontal.
  • Height – 27″ (686 mm) minimum to 44″ (1118 mm) maximum.
  • Side Tilt – 18° maximum to right or to left of horizontal.
  • Back – up 55° maximum (80° in REVERSE orientation) or down 25° maximum (105° in REVERSE orientation) from horizontal.
  • Leg – up 80° maximum (55° in REVERSE orientation) or down 105° maximum (25° in REVERSE orienta­tion) from seat section.
  • Flex – back section down 20° maximum with seat section down 25° maximum from horizontal.
  • Reflex – back section up 25° maximum with seal section up 35° maximum from horizontal.
  • NOTE: flex and Reflex position controls are disabled when in REVERSE patient orientation.
  • Return-to-level – The tabletop can be returned to level by pressing the LEVEL touch pad. The table will move in anatomically correct increments until it reaches level.·
  • For patients over 400/bs (181 kg) in the reversed position with the table in full tilt and full patient-reverse Trendelenburg position, proper operation of the return-to ­level function may be inhibited.

Auxiliary Override Systems

  • Provided on the 3085 SP Table that allows table operation in the event of primary control malfunction.
  • The table control system automatically actuates NORMAL patient orientation and shuts down primary control when override switches are actuated.
  • Electric Pump Power Available
    • Articulate table using toggle switches located on the control column cap.
  • No Electric Pump Power Available (Manual Hydraulic Pump)
    • Articu­late table using toggle switches located on the control column cap (or hand or optional foot control selectors) in conjunction with manual hydraulic pump.
  • Floor Lock Overrides
    • A floor lock override rocker switch is located on the side of the table base, behind the manual foot-operated pump.


  • Approx. Operating Weight -737 lbs (334 kg)
  • Image Amplification Coverage:
    • Head End -28″ (712 mm) with headrest on (plus 3″ [76 mm] max. extension of headrest)
    • Foot End -33″ (839 mm) without headrest; 45″ (1143 mm) with headrest (no extension permitted)
    • Width -14.5″ (369 mm) average


  1. Separate ground wire to ground the patient or equalize potential is not furnished.
    • The table must not be used in the presence of flammable anesthetics.



  • 100 V, 50/60_Hz, 5 A;
  • 120 V, 50/60 Hz. 4.5 A;
  • 220 V. 50/60 Hz, 3 A;
  • 230/240 V, 50/60 Hz, 2.5.


Amsco 3085 SP Table is in compliance with national and international safety standards for electromedical equipment and meets the applicable requirements of the following standards:

  • Underwriters Laboratories (UL)
    • Standard 2601-1 – 1st Ed., as certified by ETL Testing Laboratories, Inc.
  • Standard CSA-C22.2 No. 601.1-
    • M90, Standard for Electro-medical Equipment, as certified by ETL Testing Laboratories. Inc.
  • EN 60601-1:
    • 1993, Amendment 2, 1995, Electrical Safety, as certified by ETL Testing Laboratories, Inc.
  • IEC 601-1-2:
    • 1993, Electromagnetic Compatibility, as certified by ETL Testing Laboratories, Inc.
  • EN 55011:
    • Group I, Class B, Emissions Testing, as certified by ETL Testing Laboratories, Inc.
  • EN 60601-2-46:
    • Complies with Section 4. Clause 21, load testing only.
  • Medical Device Directive
    • 93/42/EEC
  • FDA Good Manufacturing Practices
    • Regulations 21 CFR820 for Medical Devices
  • Class 1 Equipment
  • Type B Equipment
  • Suitable for continuous use
  • Ordinary Equipment

Additional information




27" – 44"

Weight Capacity

1000 lbs

Weight Capacity (Side Tilt)

500 lbs