AMSCO 2080 M Surgical Table

The AMSCO 2080 M surgical table is easy to use, versatile, and well within your budget. Each unit is built to last, featuring a fully-enclosed, stainless steel lift cylinder and support column to ensure enduring reliability. It comes with a removable headrest, pendant hand-control, and a set of electrically conductive cushions.

The tabletop is 22 inches wide divided into four cast aluminum hinged sections—head, back, seat, foot—and covered by a stainless-steel veneer.


  • Side rails for accessories
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Features include back up/down, leg up/down, Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg
  • Available with manual control, remote control, and L major


  • Length without headrest: 71.25”
  • Length with headrest: 84”
  • Width: 22”

Additional information



Weight Capacity

300 lbs


27" – 45”