AMSCO 2080 M Surgical Table

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The AMSCO 2080 M surgical table is easy to use, versatile, and well within your budget. Each unit is built to last, featuring a fully-enclosed, stainless steel lift cylinder and support column to ensure enduring reliability. It comes with a removable headrest, pendant hand control, and a set of electrically conductive cushions.

The tabletop is 20 inches wide divided into four cast aluminum hinged sections—head, back, seat, foot—and covered by a stainless-steel veneer.


AMSCO 2080 M Surgical Table Features

  • Side rails for accessories
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Features include back up/down, leg up/down, Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg
  • Features of this table are identical to the 2080 L, except it is maneuvered manually.
  • AMSCO 2080 Surgical Table Series features a 62″ side rail.
  • Accessories may be applied or removed at the notched areas in the side rail of each section.
  • Accessories may also be applied or removed simply by lifting a gravity latch at the end of the back and foot sections.

AMSCO 2080 M Surgical Table Specifications

  • Length without headrest: 71.25”
  • Length with headrest: 84”
  • Overall Width: 22”
  • Max Weight: 300 lbs.


  • Cast iron with textured­enamel finish.
  • The top is enclosed by a welded, stainless-steel cover that also forms a shroud for the lower portion of the pedestal.
  • A swivel caster and height-adjustable floor lock at each corner are actuated by a single pedal.
  • Both the swivel caster and height-adjustable floor lock are electrically conductive, con­forming with applicable requirements of NFPA’s publication, Flammable
    Anesthetics Code.
  • The base provides comfortable toe space on both sides as well as space to freely insert a flat­blade Mayo stand.
  • The base also contains the hydraulic system.
  • An NFPA-approved patient grounding receptacle is provided at foot-end of the base.


  • Includes tabletop lift cylinder and support column with bearing-mounted saddle frame.
  • These are fully enclosed by stainless-steel, telescoping shrouds.
  • Each shroud is one-piece construction to ensure against foreign matter entering the elevating mechanism.


  • Includes bearing mounted gears for positioning and articulating the tabletop.
  • The frame is cast aluminum finished with textured-enamel paint.
  • The superstructure is bearing-mounted to the elevating mechanism.
  • Indicators show degree of lateral tilt and Trendelenburg.
  • Positioning mechanisms are fully enclosed by stainless-steel covers to prevent enmeshment of drapes.


  • The 20-inch (508-mm) wide tabletop is divided into four hinged sections: head, back, seat, and foot.
  • Each section is cast aluminum (back, seat and foot sections are covered by stainless-steel veneer).
  • Drilled holes are included for the optional radiographic top.
  • Stainlesssteel side rails, notched to receive optional accessories, extend the full length.
  • Mounting hardware and a full complement of optional accessories are available.
  • The foot and back sections are safely supported by two hinged, steel lever arms.
  • The tabletop is bearing-mounted to the superstructure at the seat section.
  • The seat and foot sections include a perineal cutout for full access to the patient and to accommodate the optional transurethral drain tray.
  • The tabletop (with exception of the head section) is positioned by hand cranking. The head section is secured by a manual, spring-loaded, ratchet mechanism.
  • The head section may also be removed and positioned longitudinally to extend table length as much as 6 inches (152mm), or it may be attached to the foot section for procedures requiring extended foot support.
  • A Velcro® (Velcro Corporation) tape strip on the longitudinal centerline of the head, back and foot sections permits instant application and removal of mattress pads . . . no other pad-fastening devices are required.

Independently Operated Kidney Elevator

  • Centrally located between the back and seat sections.
  • The elevator is raised and lowered by a crank and dual rack and pinion mechanism, operating in conjunction with the gearing and jointed drive shaft.
  • The kidney elevator is cast aluminum covered by stainless-steel veneer.
  • Max. Height Approx. 4.5 inches (114mm)

Optional Radiographic Top

  • Constructed of permeable phenolic and is electrically conductive.
  • It mounts on full width and length of tabletop.
  • The radiographic top complies with the Radiation Control tor Health and Safety Act of October 18, 1968.
  • A 14×17 inch (356x432mm) radiographic cassette can be inserted from head-or foot-end; 12×14 inch (305x356mm) radiographic cassette, from side, head-end or foot-end. (Radiographic cassettes are not furnished.)


Hand cranks and selectors requiring operator attention are all at the head end of the table, easily accessible to the anesthetist.

Foot Pedals are easily actuated and clearly identified.

The Foot Pedals Include:

  • LOCK -to engage either the casters or locks with the floor.
    • To raise or lower the tabletop.
    • To any point within 27 to 45 inches (686 lo 1143mm) above the floor.

Tabletop Positioning Controls

Mounted at a convenient height on the superstructure … arranged for simple actuation.

After setting the selector for the desired movement, the tabletop is positioned by operating the crank handle.

Selections Include:

    • To lower or raise the head-end of the superstructure from horizontal, to achieve Trendelenburg (head down) 20˚ and reverse Trendelenburg (head up) 20˚.
    • Control is on the left side of the head end.
  • TILT
    • To laterally tilt the super structure to the right or left.
    • Right 10˚
    • Left 10˚
  • BACK
    • To lower or raise the back section.
    • Raise 90˚
    • Lower 10˚
  • FOOT
    • To lower or raise the foot section.
    • With Seat Section Horizontal 105˚
  • FLEX
    • To simultaneously position the back and seat sections, so as to achieve an inverted “V” (flex) or “V” (reflex) position.
    • Back – Flex 15˚ Reflex 10˚
    • Seat Section – Flex 20˚ Reflex 15˚


  • General
    • Materials not definitely specified herein are of the best quality routinely employed for the purpose in the industry.
    • They are free of defects that might affect the safety, serviceability, and appearance of the finished product.
  • Finish
    • Exposed stainless steel (conforming with ASTM Specification A 167), aluminum and chromium-plated surfaces are polished.
    • Cast iron and carbon-steel exterior surfaces are degreased, phosphatized and coated with a corrosion-resistant primer followed by two spray coats of textured-enamel paint.
    • The finish is then oven-baked.

Additional information



Weight Capacity

300 lbs


27" – 45”