Amico Mira90 LED Surgical Light

Precisely positioned LED’s allow for superior shadow control, depth of field and light intensity. The Mira90 LED offers a CRI of 95, a color temperature of 4500K and a light intensity (central luminance) of 90,000 Lux (8571 fc) at 1m (39.37″) which produce excellent color accuracy for minor surgeries and examinations.
The Mira90 LED has an easy to use control pad for controlling light functions, including Five Dimming Levels and an Endo mode. The removable handle is ergonomically positioned off to the side to maximize the light field and can be rotated to electronically focus the beam to a concentrated 6″ (15.24 cm) for surgical procedures or 12″ (30.48 cm) for broader examinations.


Amico Mira90 LED Surgical Light Features

  • A variety of mounting options
  • Slim design to reduce clutter in small workspaces
  • Latest in LED technology offers high CRI of 95 and 4500 Kelvin for excellent color accuracy
  • Twist handle for focusing light beam from 6.5” (16.51 cm) to 12” (30.48)
  • Removable/sterilizable handle
  • Lightweight long reach arms allow for easy positioning
  • Mira LED Series Lights can be used in your ED, Trauma, ICU, LDR and Minor Surgery environments
  • Switch on the light at light head
  • Set the required luminosity with 5 dimming levels
  • Includes Endo mode

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