Amico Magna 51 LED Magnifier Light

The Magna 51 LED magnifier is the lighting solution for the precise examination of parts for a number of fields of application. The Magna 51 LED uses 48 innovative LEDs, providing critical added value compared to conventional fluorescents magnifiers: four times more light per watt, considerably lowering energy consumption. These LEDs offer a minimum of 50,000 hours of operating life at 100% brightness level – maintenance free for over six years running 24/7!


Amico Magna 51 LED Magnifier Light Features

Arm Options

  • Basic Articulating Arm
  • Articulating Arm with Extension

Mounting Options

  • Horizontal Rail Mount (Amico or Fairfield)
  • Vertical Rail Mount (Amico)
  • Floor Stand
  • Wall Mount
  • Table Mount