Amico iCE30m Surgical Light

  • Amico iCE30m Surgical Light

The multi-color Amico iCE30m surgical light is the second generation iCE30 light and is designed for superior shadow control and optimum light intensity, along with offering diverse color temperatures to accurately differentiate between tissues. Each light head has a CRI of 97 and an R9 greater than 90, allowing surgeons to easily differentiate between various tissues. The slim design and laminar flow openings promote airflow, allow for effortless maneuvering of the light, and are attached to a durable suspension system to eliminate drifting.

The iCE Surgical Lighting System is upgradeable and customizable and can be ordered in a variety of configurations consisting of multiple light heads, HD cameras, monitors, and future-proof suspension systems. We also offer flush-mounted wall control panels that complement the standard control panels located on each light head.


Amico iCE30m Surgical Light Features

The multi-color Amico iCE30m surgical light is designed for superior shadow control and optimum light intensity, along with offering diverse color temperatures to accurately differentiate between tissues.

Eco-Friendly and Long Lasting LED’s

  • Last a minimum of 50,000 hours

Shadow Reduction and Deep Cavity Illumination

  • Created with multiple overlapping beams and adjustable by turning a centrally mounted handle to create a long, homogeneous column of light.
  • This allows surgeons to effortlessly direct a precise light pattern into the surgical field while providing the ideal balance of shadow reduction and deep cavity illumination.

Focusable Light Pattern

  • Integrated manual focus handle allows clinicians to intuitively and comfortably focus the light or extend working distances (beyond 1 meter) in the surgical field.
  • A short turn of the sterile focus handle maximizes light intensity without having to reposition the light heads.

Suspension System

  • Gives you an unrestricted rotation of the light head around its own axis and allows greater movement.

Amico iCE30m Surgical Light iCE Cool LED’s

  • Minimal power is required to illuminate the latest LED technology incorporated into the Amico iCE LED Surgical Lights.
  • Surgeons can work comfortably under any combination or number of our lights

Light head and Wall Control Panels

  • Each light head comes with a yoke-mounted control panel which includes five dimming levels, depth mode for deeper light penetration, endo mode for low light during endoscopy procedures.
  • Flush-mounted wall control panels are another convenient way to control the lights outside the sterile field.

Coolest Endoscopy Light

  • Four tiny LED’s create an unparalleled, uniform glow in the room allowing surgeons to concentrate on the monitors during endoscopy procedures in darkened rooms.

Thin and Lightweight

  • The extremely thin profile and lightweight, making it very easy to maneuver to any desired position on our suspension arms.

Easy to Clean

  • Crafted with smooth surfaces.
  • Engineered from robust, medical-grade material resistant to most cleaning agents.

Laminar Flow Design

  • Ultra-thin design allows for effective laminar flow in the Operating Room.
  • For the iCE 30, we have engineered four stylish openings to aid in laminar flow movement.

HD Video Camera

  • Each light head is offered with an HD Camera, camera-ready or without camera depending on your needs.
  • All cameras come network ready and offer functions such as focus, zoom, brightness, rotation, freeze and source select.

Amico iCE30m Surgical Light Specifications

  • 30″ Diameter
  • 80 LED’s
  • 160,000 Lux
  • 7.6″-12″ Light Pattern
  • Laminar Flow Openings


  • The iCE LED Surgical Lighting System is designed to illuminate the surgical field with a cool, bright white light and an adjustable pattern size.
  • The Amico ceiling mount plate is designed to allow for easy installation whether you are upgrading your current lighting or planning a brand new facility.

Video Integration

  • Amico’s in-light HD camera offers users the ability to replace a centrally mounted focusing handle with an HD camera that doubles as a light focusing handle.
  • With a 3,000,000 pixel resolution CMOS chip, up to 120x stable zoom, working distance from 10 mm to 1000 mm and a signal to noise ratio that exceeds 50 dB.
  • Amico’s HD camera is guaranteed to meet the demanding needs of the Operating Room.
  • The camera is encased in a sealed, impact-resistant aluminum housing with a tool-free quick disconnect system.
  • A locking cable connector prevents accidental disengagement.
  • The quick disconnect system also ensures a single camera can be shared amongst multiple light heads.
  • Adding an HD camera does not compromise light head functionality or optical performance.
  • The camera coupled with an integrated system enables users to document surgical procedures for both teaching and archival purposes.
  • With the integration system, all functions of the camera can also be controlled remotely with the camera control box.
  • Functions such as zoom, focus, brightness, freeze and camera rotation come standard.
  • Note: The light heads must be purchased with the camera-ready adder to allow Amico’s in-light HD camera to work.
  • Note: Software modifications may need to be made if a non-certified integration company is used.

Standard Accessories

  • Sterile disposable covers for the non-sterilizable handle used for adjusting the pattern of the light beam.
  • Sterile disposable covers for the in-light HD camera.
  • Sterilizable handles which allow the user to autoclave the handle before each use.

Support Structure

  • The facility or contractor supplied and installed ceiling structure must be level and meet all structural requirements.
  • These requirements, as specified in the client-specific submittal package, must be met to ensure the best and safest results from the Amico supplied structure.


  • A single or tandem mounting plate for installation is available for the facility-provided ceiling structure.
  • This mounting plate can be located anywhere in the room as designated by the architect: above the center of the surgical table or to the right, left, top or bottom of it.
  • A ceiling cover is also available to help close off and cover this opening to create a seamless Operating Room.
  • The standard wall control is provided with a 30′ cable allowing it to be mounted anywhere in the vicinity of the lights.
  • All required rough-ins are the facilities responsibility.
  • A drawing of the backbox cut-out is provided at the time of purchase.


  • Amico iCE LED Surgical Lighting System was designed with the Surgeon and the Operating Room in mind.
  • Robust and durable, the iCE LED Surgical Lights are made from the highest quality materials.
  • The materials chosen are capable of withstanding most cleaning agents while the seamless design guarantees easy cleaning.
  • The material strength also ensures that the iCE LED Surgical Lights are capable of withstanding impacts without getting damaged or shattering.
  • With over 95% light transmission, the single plastic front screen used on the Amico iCE LED Surgical Lights to allow the maximum amount of light transmission.
  • The drift-free suspension system available in both single and dual yokes enables the user to always have full freedom of movement regardless of room conditions.
  • Amico’s confidence in the quality and durability of our iCE LED Surgical Lights is supported by our industry-leading 5-year warranty.

Preventative Maintenance

  • All maintenance listed in our user manual must be completed within specified time periods to ensure the longevity of the product.