Amico iCE 25 / 30 LED Surgical Lighting System

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The iCE LED Surgical Lighting System brings the newest LED technology to the Operating Room. The iCE LED Surgical Lights are designed for superior shadow control, increased depth of field and light intensity. They have a CRI of 95 and an R9 greater than 90, allowing surgeons to easily differentiate between tissues. The 4500K color temperature provides a crisp white light, without the color-fringing or color-shifting properties of multicolor LED’s, providing natural color to ensure that the surgical field remains clearly illuminated.

The iCE Surgical Lighting System is upgradeable, customizable and can be ordered in a variety of configurations consisting of multiple light heads, HD cameras, monitors and future-proof suspension systems. We also offer flush-mounted wall control panels that complement the standard control panels located on each light head.


Amico iCE LED Surgical Lighting System Features

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  • 30″ diameter
  • 80 LED’s
  • 160,000 lux
  • 7.6″-12″ light pattern
  • Laminar flow openings
  • Color Temperature (Standard) 3,500/4,000/4,500/5,000 K
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  • 30″ diameter
  • 80 LED’s
  • 160,000 lux
  • 7.6″-12″ light pattern
  • Laminar flow openings
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  • 25″ diameter
  • 52 LED’s
  • 160,000 lux or 130,000 lux
  • 7.6″-11″ light pattern

Created with multiple overlapping beams and adjustable by turning a centrally mounted handle to create a long, homogeneous column of light.
This allows surgeons to effortlessly direct a precise light pattern into the surgical field while providing the ideal balance of shadow reduction and deep cavity illumination.

Integrated manual focus handle allows clinicians to intuitively and comfortably focus the light or extend working distances (beyond 1 meter) in the surgical field.
A short turn of the sterile focus handle maximizes light intensity without having to reposition the light heads.

HD Video Camera

Amico iCE LED Surgical Lighting System

Each lighthead is offered with an HD Camera, camera ready or without camera depending on your needs.
All cameras come network ready and offer functions such as focus, zoom, brightness, rotation, freeze and source select.

Laminar Flow Design

iCe thin design photo

Ultra thin design allows for effective laminar flow in the Operating Room.
For the iCE 30, we have engineered four stylish openings to aid in laminar flow movement.

Light Head & Wall Control Panel

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Each lighthead comes with a yoke-mounted control panel which includes five dimming levels, depth mode for deeper light penetration, endo mode for low light during endoscopy procedures and a sync function that enables users to synchronize multiple lights. Flush mounted wall control panels are another convenient way to control the lights outside the sterile field.

With a five-year warranty and lasting a minimum of 50,000 hours, Amico iCE LED surgical lights are your long-term surgical lighting solution.

Please feel free to view this video for more details.