Amico iCE 25 Surgical Light

Newest LED technology to the Operating Room. Designed for superior shadow control, increased depth of field and light intensity. They have a CRI of 95 and an R9 greater than 90, allowing surgeons to easily differentiate between tissues. The 4500K color temperature provides a crisp white light, without the color-fringing or color-shifting properties of multicolor LED’s, providing natural color to ensure that the surgical field remains clearly illuminated.

HD Video Camera Configuration Pictured on the Left. All available configurations listed below.

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Amico iCE 25 Surgical Light Features

  • 25” (64cm) diameter
  • 52 LEDs
  • 160,000 lux
  • 7.6”-11” (19-28cm) light pattern
  • Easy to Clean
  • Thin and Lightweight
  • Upgradeable and customizable

Availible Configurations

Amico iCE 25 Surgical Light Single Cieling Mount

Mira50 LED Surgical Light Single Cieling Mount

Amico iCE 25 Surgical Light Dual Cieling Mount

Mira50 LED Surgical Light Dual Cieling Mount

Amico iCE 25 Surgical Light Specifications


  • Lighthead Diameter: in (cm) 25(64)
  • Light Intensity (Central Luminance): lx (fc) 160,000(12,080)
  • Brightness Control: % 5-100
  • Light Field Diameter: in (cm) 7.6-11 (19-28)
  • Depth of Illumination (Ll+L2) at 60%: in (cm) 28.5-48.25 (72-123)
  • Depth of Illumination (Ll+L2) at 20%: in (cm) 46.20(117)
  • Color Rendering Index (Ra): 952
  • R9: >90
  • R13: 972
  • Color Temperature (Standard): K 4,5003

Shadow Dilution

  • Single Mask: % 41
  • Double Mask: % 41
  • Cavity: % 100
  • Single Mask with Cavity: % 39
  • Double Mask with Cavity: % 39


  • Number of LED’s (main): 52
  • Number of Other LED’s: 208
  • LED Service Life: hours 50,000
  • Total Radiant Power at Max Intensity: W/m2 519
  • Power Consumption at Lighthead: w @ 24 VDC 150
  • Electricity (VAC): Universal VAC
  • Emergency Bypass: Yes
  • Mounting Options: Ceiling, Wall
  • Certificates: ETL, FDA