Drager Air-Shields Resuscitaire RW Infant Warmer

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From its lightweight, easy-to-maneuver design to convenient ergonomic touches throughout the unit, the Drager Air-Shields Resuscitaire RW simplifies operation to expedite care and help keep caregivers fresh and productive throughout long shifts. Side panels can be easily lowered for access to the baby. The height of the mattress surface can be easily adjusted to the individual caregiver’s personal preference using variable height adjustment pedals found on either side of the unit. Dual access X-ray offers users greater flexibility. Plus, a pass-through drawer makes storing accessories and routinely needed items a breeze. The younger the newborn, the more critical effective thermoregulation becomes. With the Resuscitaire, it all starts with its Silica Quartz element—the most responsive heating element in the industry. The element provides the rapid warm-up, while its full-length parabolic reflector delivers even heat distribution across the mattress surface to keep the newborn cradled in soothing warmth.


Drager Air-Shields Resuscitaire RW Infant Warmer Features

Drager Air-Shields Resuscitaire RW is a microprocessor controlled infant radiant warmer and resuscitator for use in the delivery suite or special care baby units.

  • Designed to meet a wide range of needs in the labor and delivery area, from normal deliveries to emergency resuscitation situations
  • Microprocessor control
  • Automatic pre-warm mode
  • Ambient temperature probe

Drager Air-Shields Resuscitaire RW Infant Warmer Specifications

Dimensions and Weight

  • Height: 72 in (183 cm)
  • Width: 26.5 in (68 cm)
  • Depth: 44 in (112 cm)
  • Weight: (without options /accessories) 220–280 lbs (100–127 kg)


  • Height From Floor: 39.4 in (100 cm)
  • Width: 21.0 in (53.3 cm)
  • Length: 26.0 in (66.0 cm)
  • Thickness: 1.0 in (2.54 cm)
  • Maximum Capacity: 15 lbs (4.54 kg)

Maximum Power Requirements

  • Model 120V: 120 V, 50–60 Hz, 750 W
  • Model 220/240V: 220–240 V, 50–60 Hz, 750 W)

LED Examination Light

  • Illumination: > 0.11 lumens / cm2 (100 ft. Candles)

Controller Heating Alarms

  • Check patient System alerts for 5 minutes in Manual Mode every 30 seconds after 10 minutes
  • Baby temperature ±1° C from SetPoint
  • High-temperature Skin Temp. 39.0 ±0.2 °C
  • Probe Short or open circuit / No probe
  • System fail Indicates System Fail
  • Power fail AC Power Interruption

Alarm Silence / Reset Intervals

  • Check patient Resets clock for 10 minutes manual mode
  • Baby temperature 10 minutes
  • High temperature 2 minutes
  • Procedural silence Presilences baby temp alarm for 5 minutes

Set Temperature / Heater Output

  • Set Temp Range: 34–38 °C (>37.0° override)
  • Heater Output: 0–100%, 10% increments
  • Skin Temp Display: 18–43 °C
  • Accuracy: ±0.2 °C (31 to 37° C)

Resuscitation Module

  • Wall Supply Pressure: 40–75 psi (275–517 kPa)
  • Cylinder Pressure: 2,900 psi max (19 994 kPa)

Patient Gas Supply

  • Flow Control Range: 0–15 LPM
  • Airway Pressure Limit: Adjustable 0–50 cm H2O (0–4.9 kPa); Internal preset limit 60 cm H2O (5.9 kPa)

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