Multiparameter and ECG Monitors

Our broad range of Multiparameter and ECG Monitors are tried and trusted. Having accurate information about patients is critical in the field of healthcare. No matter the task, we have monitors that will fit your needs, including all the consumables. You can enable clinical and operational adaptability now and into the future with our wide array of Multiparameter and ECG Monitors.

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All Multiparameter and ECG Monitors

Your clinical team can gain adaptability through any of our Multiparameter and ECG monitors platforms that adapt to your patient’s needs. Your administrators will realize operational adaptability with a common user experience to facilitate staff training and services.

Your staff can standardize with our unified monitors solutions for consistency across devices and acuities. You can extend monitoring outside the Hospital or ASC with robust remote care management that connects the full care monitors. From ambulatory patients to the most critical cases, our monitor selection delivers accurate clinical information your care teams can trust.

Our selection of Monitors enables care teams to quickly see and intelligently connect informative insights to meet rapidly evolving patient needs. Our monitor choices provide patient-centric monitoring for complete and consistent patient data throughout your hospital or ASC.

We can help you support care quality with centralized data viewing and care protocol management. Sound clinical decisions come from identifying the trends and insights that emerge from a multitude of data.

Our Multiparameter and ECG Monitors can prevent unnecessary care escalation with complete patient insights and advanced algorithms to detect deterioration earlier. Support your clinical decisions with many of the industry’s most trusted patient monitoring hardware, software, algorithms, parameters, and consumables.

We have Multiparameter and ECG Monitors with optimized alarm configurations with advanced algorithms that improve surveillance, reduce alarm fatigue, improve workflow, and create a quieter healing space for patients and their families.

Making informed decisions starts with accurate data. Ambulatory patients and critical cases need Multiparameter and ECG Monitors that deliver clinical information you can trust. With world-class algorithms for arrhythmia, temperature, NIBP, SpO2, and more, Seattle Technology’s solutions show insights to help you identify, anticipate, and treat patient needs to the best of your ability across the continuum of care.

Multiparameter and ECG Monitors help you seamlessly connect data, technology, and, most importantly, people – through a wide range of products, software, and services. Seattle Technology offers solutions designed to break boundaries and empower you to address patients as they transition in care.

Our selection of bedside and transport monitors and central station applications share a consistent look and feel to provide consistency and accelerate care. Seattle Technology provides ongoing consulting, training, service, and support essential to driving clinical performance – for the well-being of your patients and staff.

Let Seattle Technology elevate your care teams to achieve even greater clinical excellence.