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Seattle Technology offers the top three brand names in Infusion Pumps. We offer new and refurbished models.

Seattle Technology offers many types of infusion pumps, including large volume, analgesia (PCA), elastomeric, syringe, and enteral.  Some are designed mainly for stationary use at a patient’s bedside. Others, called ambulatory infusion pumps, are designed to be portable.

Popular Brands

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Many of the infusion pumps we offer are equipped with safety features, such as alarms or other operator alerts that are intended to activate in the event of a problem. For example, some pumps are designed to alert users when air or another blockage is detected in the tubing that delivers fluid to the patient. Some newer pumps often called smart pumps, are designed to alert the user when there is a risk of adverse drug interaction, or when the user sets the pump’s parameters outside of specified safety limits.

From the pharmacy to the bedside, we help maximize safety, streamline processes and build cost efficiency throughout the hospital.

Seattle Technology understands the challenges of modern healthcare and your focus on delivering the highest standards of care to a growing patient population while ensuring every hospital function is safe, efficient, and as cost-effective as possible.