ValleyLab Electrosurgical Units

We have ValleyLab Electrosurgical Units that are electrosurgical platforms built on the trusted Valleylab™ foundation. We offer a complete line of state-of-the-art electrosurgical hardware and accessories to meet the needs of the surgical team in hospitals, surgery centers, and office-based procedures.

Featured Electrosurgical Unit

The ValleyLab Force Triad Electrosurgical Unit

  • The Valleylab Force Triad has many technological features. TissueFect technology can sense energy delivery and creates a range of options for the desired effect on tissues. LigaSure tissue fusion permanently fuses vessels that are 7mm in length. The LigaSure can be used on lymphatics, tissue bundles, and pulmonary vasculature. This unit can be used with all LigaSure instruments.
  • In general, the Force TRIAD has an isolation output configuration, natural convection, fan, 3 LCD touchscreens, and an LED illuminated smart connector reader. These connector ports include a universal energy platform, mountain cart over the shelf, operating room boom systems, and can be used on any stable flat surface.
  • This ESU weighs 30 pounds and can be ordered with an optional cart for easy transportation between patient rooms. Different audio tones let the surgeon hear different alarms as well as know if they are using coagulation, bipolar, or cut modes. The ForceTriad energy platform is equipped with an auto-bipolar feature that allows for automatic activation of bipolar energy.

As Surgical Imaging Specialties, Valleylab™ brings you versatility and state of the art technology across many surgical disciplines.

We offer a wide range of Valleylab™ Electrosurgical Units. Get the features you need, with above industry quality and service. Seattle Technology can provide state of the art Electrosurgical Units to ASC’s, Hospitals and Schools.

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Electrosurgical units are found in every ambulatory surgical center as well as operating rooms, hospitals, and medical facilities. Valleylab™ Electrosurgical Units are a great unit to have to keep your operating room fully equipped.