Bovie Electrosurgical Units

We have Bovie Electrosurgical Units that are electrosurgical platforms built on the trusted Bovie foundation. We offer a complete line of state-of-the-art electrosurgical hardware and accessories to meet the needs of the surgical team in hospitals, surgery centers, and office-based procedures.

For thousands of years, human beings have used heat in the form of cautery to treat trauma and disease. Electric Current produced heat in the late nineteenth century. William T. Bovie researched radium at Harvard before working on electrocautery. In 1920 Dr. Bovie, an unconventional inventor with a doctorate in plant physiology, developed an innovative electrosurgical unit. He was not the first to work with electricity in surgery. It was known, for example, that electric current above different frequencies could cut tissue without inducing muscular contraction. Dr. Bovie used this knowledge to create his electrosurgical device. It was first employed in neurosurgical cases by Harvey Cushing, the father of neurosurgery. Bleeding had been a significant obstacle in neurosurgery until Bovie and Cushing began to utilize the device in 1926.

The Bovie Electrosurgical unit passes high-frequency alternating current into the body allowing the current to cut or coagulate. For over 90 years, the Bovie Electrosurgical unit has been a fundamental tool in the practice of surgery.

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Electrosurgical units are found in every ambulatory surgical center as well as operating rooms, hospitals, and medical facilities. Bovie Electrosurgical Units are a great unit to have to keep your operating room fully equipped.