GE C-Arms

GE C-Arms allow you to see what you’re missing.

As Surgical Imaging Specialties, GE brings you versatility and state of the art technology across many surgical disciplines.

You can rely on our helpful Regional Representative Support Team to help navigate your options.

GE C-Arms can be used in a wide varity of surgical disciplines.


  • Achieve optimum visual detail during vascular procedures in a hospital or office-based setting with confidence and choice of OEC C-arms.

Hybrid OR

  • You want a hybrid solution that brings high definition vascular imaging and flexibility in an environment you can be comfortable with.

Office Based Labs

  • Design an office-based lab or ambulatory surgery center with OEC C-arms.


  • Experience the difference of using a C-arm designed for the specific needs in Orthopedics.

Pain Management

  • Provide superb care with the proprietary features of OEC C-arms for pain management.


  • Enjoy advanced ergonomics for easy patient access and a comfortable working environment for you and your team.

General Surgery

  • Utilize versatile C-arms with superb image quality in general surgery.


  • Complex cardiac procedures require powerful imaging systems.


  • Operate on extremities with comfort and control.