Our Process

Seattle Technology Steris Reliance 444 Washer
Our extensive library of service manuals, a large inventory of parts and highly trained, in-house biomedical engineers have allowed Seattle Technology to set the standard for the technical refurbishment of medical equipment.

At Seattle Technology, we disassemble each piece of equipment. Each part is cleaned, inspected and repaired. We replace all parts with, OEM specified parts. Our Process is to carefully rebuild the equipment from the ground up.

Special attention is given to the finish, as well as the electrical and mechanical condition so that it will look as good as it works.

Original manufacturer’s specifications have been re-built into the final product.

Seattle Technology will refurbish all equipment to the highest standards. Our customer service is thorough, prompt, and courteous. We back all of our equipment with full warranties.

Technical Refurbishment:

  • Initial physical check, unit is cleaned off and batteries are replaced.
  • Using the latest testing equipment, all equipment parameters and conditions are functionally verified.
  • Any and all parts or components that are not performing properly are replaced and/or repaired.
  • Unit is reassembled and undergoes further testing and calibration. All accessories, peripherals and modules commonly used with the equipment are introduced so overall operation and effectiveness can be verified.
  • Every replacement, testing and servicing are properly recorded under the equipment history log.
  • Approval by the quality control department

Cosmetic Refurbishment:

  • Equipment is inspected for any wear and tear.
  • Units are primed, sanded and painted.
  • Use of AFC paint booth for perfect results.
  • The end product is completely blemish free.

Our Process Seattle Technology Paint Booth

Our Process Seattle Technology Bipolar foot Pedal

Our Process Seattle Technology Cut Coag foot Pedal